How soon before delivery do the contractions begin?

Answer It depends on the body Mostly it depends on the organism of the pregnant woman (some contractions begin day and a half before and some don't even have contractions) but usually they occur in less t... Read More »

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How long after using a saline based enema should contractions begin?

When did milk delivery begin?

The earliest home delivery of milk began in New England in 1860 and lasted for about 100 years. The growing use of refrigerators and grocery stores in the 1950s gave families the opportunity to buy... Read More »

Contractions are intermittent painless uterine contractions that are not true labor pains?

If you are 38 weeks and have been having irregular contractions 10-15 mins apart from 730 last night to 2pm today - part of mucus plug lost but no blood these are painful contractions - is it time?

AnswerYou should call your doctor ASAP!! Good luck and God Bless:)