How soon after your waters break do you give birth?

Answer Answer It depends on how your labor progresses. Also is this first delivery or have you had previous deliveries? How frequent are your contractions? there are several factors.

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How long after waters break do you give birth?

the woman must give birth before 24 hours or that is risk for the mother of getting sick or worse DIEING! is also an option.

How do you know if your waters break during labor?

Usually it occurs all of a sudden and you may feel as if you have suddenly wet yourself. Sometimes, only some of the waters will leak, and you will find yourself losing smaller amounts of fluid esp... Read More »

How much fluid comes out when your waters break?

Can you break your own bag of waters at home safely?

Answer ABSOLUTELY NOT. Chances of infection and other severe problems are huge. Babies come when they are ready, and part of being a mother is ensuring that the baby can do so. Also, you should be ... Read More »