How soon after you get a tattoo can you go in the sun?

Answer The area of the skin around a new tattoo should not be exposed to the sun for the first two weeks. During this time, the skin is healing. After this period, apply a sunblock before any sun exposure... Read More »

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After you have your wisdom teeth out how soon is too soon for the stitches to come out on their own?

A few days but check with the dentist who did the extractions. They generally like the sutures to stay in for a whole week, but sometimes it doesn't hurt for them to be a couple of days early. Alwa... Read More »

How soon can a tattoo be removed?

The tattoo removal process can begin as soon as the tattoo has fully healed, which is about 6 months after the tattoo has been applied. Laser removal takes anywhere from three to five treatment ses... Read More »

What Happens to the Ink on the Tattoo if You Soak It Too Soon in Water?

Tattooing involves the permanent marking of the skin with an indelible ink made from titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carbon and other organic materials. Tattooing has been used by tribes for centurie... Read More »

I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it Thanks!?