How soon after relaxing hair can it be shampooed?

Answer Hair is shampooed immediately after it has been relaxed by the hairdresser to wash out the chemicals. After the chemicals have been washed out hair should only be shampooed again once a week or onc... Read More »

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How to Use Henna Extract After Relaxing Hair?

Many women use henna as a hair dye because it does not damage or dry out your hair like chemical dyes can. Henna is made by powdering the dried, green leaves of the henna plant. Traditionally, it i... Read More »

My hair smells. If I spray Airwick in my hair will people think I've shampooed?

Get some body powder or baking soda or corn starch and sprinkle it in your hair then brush out. Or, just wash your hair. Spraying airwick, well, you will then smell like a room deodorizer, not t... Read More »

How Long Should You Wait to Add a Semi-Permanent Color after Relaxing Your Hair?

A scalar is a number that you can represent by drawing a point on a scale or graph. Scalars only have magnitude, as opposed to vectors, which also have direction. One example of the difference betw... Read More »

How soon can I dye my hair after a perm?

According to Clairol, it is best to wait a minimum of seven days after a perm before applying hair dye. Additionally, when applying hair dye, the time should be reduced because permed hair processe... Read More »