How soon after miscarriage do pregnancy tests show negative?

Answer For a pregnancy which ends in miscarriage, a urine-based pregnancy test should show negative after six weeks. If the test does not show negative after six weeks, there are three concerns: retaine... Read More »

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How soon after conception can you start to show signs of pregnancy?

3 weeks!The first sign of pregnancy is missing a period which is 2 weeks after conceptio, and around this time you may start feeling symptoms, sore breasts, constipation etc.i think its different f... Read More »

Period is 5 days late, negative pregnancy tests?

Did you have a miscarriage in the last couple of month or anything that may throw it off? I was 11 days late for my period as of yesterday with no symptoms of it coming, I started today :( Kinda g... Read More »

Do narcotics cause false-negative pregnancy tests?

On One Hand: Narcotics Will Not Alter Pregnancy TestsNarcotics, including cocaine, marijuana, heroine and alcoholic drinks, will not cause false-negative pregnancy test results, according to the U.... Read More »

Can being on birth control give negative pregnancy tests?

On One Hand: Home Pregnancy Test Can be FalseOccasionally, home pregnancy tests will provide a false negative, which is usually because the test was taken too early. There are also a few medication... Read More »