How soon after implantation is the hcg hormone released?

Answer HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a hormone that maintains a woman's progesterone level during the early stages of pregnancy. It is released into the bloodstream 8 to 12 days after implantatio... Read More »

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What hormone is released in large quantities just prior to childbirth is?

After you have your wisdom teeth out how soon is too soon for the stitches to come out on their own?

A few days but check with the dentist who did the extractions. They generally like the sutures to stay in for a whole week, but sometimes it doesn't hurt for them to be a couple of days early. Alwa... Read More »

Can someone describe implantation spotting and implantation dip?

here is some info hope it helpsTemperatureTemperature charts can be a valuable aid to conception when used correctly. They have no value in predicting ovulation but are a reliable means of confirmi... Read More »

How many days after implantation should breasts hurt?

One of the earliest noticeable signs of pregnancy is breast pain or tenderness. Some women notice pain earlier than others, while others might not feel it at all. The tenderness normally tapers off... Read More »