How soon after filing bankruptcy can I buy a house?

Answer There is no law or regulation that mandates a minimum waiting period between a bankruptcy and home purchase. On the other hand, practical considerations can make a quick purchase difficult.Time Fra... Read More »

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Can you still buy a car or house after filing bankruptcy?

Federal Housing Authority (FHA) home loans have the most flexible credit standards, requiring bankruptcy discharges to be at least two years old. Car loans are also a possibility after bankruptcy o... Read More »

Can I Sell My House After Filing Bankruptcy?

It is possible to sell a house after filing for bankruptcy -- but don't expect to keep all of the profits for your personal use. The federal bankruptcy court will closely control all of your debts ... Read More »

How long can you remain in your house after filing bankruptcy?

People do not always lose their homes during bankruptcy. If the home is not already in foreclosure, or if the homeowner files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it may be possible to avoid foreclosure alto... Read More »

Can Filing Bankruptcy Prevent a Creditor From Filing a Mechanic's Lien?

A significant benefit of a bankruptcy filing is the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a court injunction that automatically prevents the filing of any liens and lawsuits once the bankruptcy cas... Read More »