How soon after death do you have a funeral?

Answer The amount of time that should pass between a death and a funeral varies depending on tradition, culture and religious preferences. The decision of when to have a funeral or memorial service rests ... Read More »

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How soon do maggots form after death?

Blow flies or bottle flies lay eggs on the exposed corpse of an animal or human. Maggots emerge two to five days after eggs are laid. Higher temperatures will speed up the growth process of maggots... Read More »

How soon after death is a will probated?

A will can be probated immediately after death depending on when and if the will is presented for probate. In some U.S. states, there is a time limit for the presentation of the will for probate (f... Read More »

How soon after death does rigamortis set in?

Rigor mortis, also known as postmortem rigidity, begins to take place in the body 2 to 4 hours following death. A stiffness of the muscles, rigor mortis starts in small muscles and spreads througho... Read More »

How soon after death does rigor mortis set in?

Rigor mortis begins approximately 30 minutes to three hours after death. The exact time depends upon the person. Rigor mortis has several stages of "hardness." By using the stiffness of the body, e... Read More »