How soon after bleaching my hair can I bleach it again I used 9%?

Answer You CAN bleach it again (but i would avoid using 9%, which is 30vol developer and instead only use 6% which is 20vol developer) and ensure that you ONLY bleach the gingery areas, do not touch the r... Read More »

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Homemade Bleach for Bleaching Out Hair?

Many people routinely apply chemicals to their hair to help bring out the highlights, hide the gray or to create a subtle change to the overall tone. If this is your goal, there is no need for expe... Read More »

How soon after birth is it safe to become pregnant again?

Answer You should seek the advise of your OB. However, it you CAN become pregnant even before your cycle returns to normal. If you do not wish to become pregnant you need to use protection.Generall... Read More »

How to Dye Bleach Blond Hair Dark Again?

Coloring bleach blond hair dark again isn't difficult, but you will need to make sure you are prepared ahead of time with enough time, tools and an understanding of the process and of your own hair... Read More »

Can I Dye My Hair After Bleaching It?

Everyone who regularly colors their hair has probably experienced at least one botched dye job. Maybe those sun-kissed highlights you were going for ended up looking more like fried straw. Maybe go... Read More »