How soon after a vaccination can I take my puppy out?

Answer On One Hand: Wait Until the Series is FinishedMaternal antibodies, which are passed to puppies while they are nursing, interfere with the immune response to vaccinations. Puppies are given a serie... Read More »

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Why is my puppy limping after a vaccination?

Owners may often feel concerned about their puppy limping hours or days later after being vaccinated. As worrisome as such symptom may be, the good news is that such limping is generally short live... Read More »

How soon after sex can you take a pregnancy test?

AnswerA pregnancy test will give an accurate result 3 weeks after sex.See below recommended link "Pregnancy Symptoms".Answer It differs from one test to another. Read the instructions it will tell ... Read More »

How soon after sex can i take a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests detect the hormone hCG in order to determine if the patient is pregnant. This hormone appears as early as seven days past ovulation; however, implantation may not have occurred at t... Read More »

How soon after hernia surgery can you take a shower?

On One Hand: Varies by Medical FacilityMedical facilities' rules differ regarding showering after hernia surgery. Some, such as the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, say a shower is OK as... Read More »