How soon after a prostate biopsy can a man have an orgasm?

Answer On One Hand: Expect to Wait Two DaysUrologists generally recommend waiting at least two days after a prostate biopsy to resume sexual activity that involves ejaculating. Anecdotal evidence ranges f... Read More »

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How soon after a prostate biopsy can a man have sex?

On One Hand: At Least Two WeeksYou can have sex two weeks after your prostate biopsy, according to the health care company Bupa.On the Other: Six Weeks Is BetterYou should wait six weeks to begin h... Read More »

Is a prostate biopsy painful?

Prostate biopsy involves taking a small sample of prostate tissue, generally through the rectum. The sample is examined under a microscope to identify cancer cells. The procedure may take about 15 ... Read More »

Is having a Prostate Biopsy dangerous, and if so why?

Did the urologist say why he wants to do a biopsy?From your previous questions I can’t see why he would.

Should you see a radiologist or a neurosurgeon for a prostate biopsy?

On One Hand: Urologist Takes LeadAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a prostate biopsy is done by a urologist, a doctor who specializes in men's sex organs and urinary system. During the procedure, which... Read More »