How small was the smallest baby ever born that survived?

Answer 10 ounces named Kimberly

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How much did the smallest baby ever born weigh?

What is the smallest-size baby that was ever born?

He's known as the smallest baby ever to be delivered at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center and survive.Trey keifer was born April 5th and only weighed 13 ouncesActually the smallest-sized baby t... Read More »

How small was the smallest surviving baby?

The smallest SURVIVING baby was as big as a pen. When it was born it had very serious problems and everyone had very big doubts of it living. It overcame its problems extremely well and it is now a... Read More »

Is it normal for your iugr baby born 4lbs at 37 weeks still be a incredibly small 10lbs at 9 months?

I'm sorry i don't have an answer, but my 3 month old does the same thing! i will get back if i find anymore info!