How should your diet change when you exercise?

Answer Imagine driving your car a short distance to and from work; you only need a little gas to cover the weekly mileage. Now imagine driving across the country; you not only need more gas, but you need... Read More »

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How should your diet change after a diabetes diagnosis?

Once you've been diagnosed with diabetes, you'll need to change your diet. The basic adjustments are similar to those recommended for the general population. As a diabetic, you'll need to make whol... Read More »

Is it possible to get your blood pressure under control with diet and exercise?

It depends on what your blood pressure is. If you are pre-hypertension (BP 120-139/80-89), then no drugs are needed and life style changes may help lower it. However, if you are stage 1 hypertensio... Read More »

Should you wear a body suit when you exercise?

On One Hand: Fashion, flexible and funBody suits come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. With a sarong tied around the waist, they can be worn to the gym, to the grocery store or out to ... Read More »

How often should I Exercise when trying to lose weight!?

Think about it this way, not so much quantity but quality.If you just work out, not really get your heart rate up... no matter how long you work out, you won't lose as much weight as you'd like.You... Read More »