When and how much creatine should i take?

Answer During the loading phase I took it before and after my workout,4 hours after my workout and before I went to bed. I loaded five days 20g a day. Now I take 5g a day after I workout with my protein s... Read More »

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Should I continue to take whey protein if I'm taking creatine?

I always take my creatine before i work out and my protien after

Is it safe for me to take amplified creatine?

Amplified creatine is a substance that is naturally made by the kidneys and liver; the kidneys are also responsible for getting rid of excess creatine. For this reason, it is recommended that intak... Read More »

Can you take creatine with protein powder?

On One Hand: Creatine Helps Build MuscleAccording to FitDay, creatine, which is produced naturally by the body, helps boost energy and endurance and build muscle. Taking a creatine supplement with ... Read More »

Why do bodybuilders take cheat-a-tine oops i meant creatine?

Haha I love you man!!!I agree in full!!!! I'm going to start using that now. Haha "cheat-a-tine" XDI have been weight lifting for years and running for years and I've never a day in my life ever co... Read More »