How should you store herbs?

Answer Ideally herbs should be stored out of the direct sunlight. And although store bought herbs are often in clear glass containers, it would be better to store your own herbs in dark glass jars or at l... Read More »

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How to Store Herbs?

Most herbs are sold in bunches yet most recipes only call for a dash or spoonful. Here's how to keep the unused herbs fresh for weeks or more in your refrigerator.

How long can you store herbs in a vaporizer balloon?

According to Storz and Bickel, the manufacturers of a vaporization system used in aromatherapy and other forms of alternative medicine, the herbal vapors in the bag will condense and dissipate over... Read More »

Can grocery store herbs be used for cutting propagation?

Basil, mint, sage, lemon balm will propergate but why bother?Herbs seeds and young plants are exceptionally cheap, easy to obtain and germinate and grow extremely quickly. Sage, mint, majoram, ore... Read More »

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