How should you put a human vitamin in a plant for a science project?

Answer Try dissolving the vitamin in water and using that to water your plant.

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Science project: is there more vitamin C in citrus fruits than in vegetables?

The vitamin C powerhouse of citrus fruit is the orange. However, even the orange falls behind some vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower and sweet red peppers are a few vegetables that surpass oranges ... Read More »

Is there a good substitute for human teeth that can be used for a science project if the school doesn't allow the use of human or animal teeth?

you could get some type of bone or antlers and shave them to the shape you want.

If human were not meant to eat meat and diary products, then why do plant based foods lack vitamin b-12?

Why would you believe anyone who tells you humans aren't meant to eat meat? We are omnivores, and while maybe we shouldn't eat as much meat as we do, that's not to say that we shouldn't eat any at ... Read More »

Effects of Weather on Human Emotions As a Science Fair Project Topic?

Many people, particularly those with arthritis and other joint and muscular issues, agree that weather has an effect on human beings and how they feel. Not only does weather affect our joint and mu... Read More »