How should you punish a new born for crying?

Answer You should not punish a newborn for crying. You should investigate and find the reason for the crying. This could be anything from colic, dirty diaper, not being burped correctly after feeding an... Read More »

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Should I punish my son for not wearing his glasses?

Oh, would you look who it is... trolling again.

What should you do if your 3-year-old will poop in the potty but will not pee in the potty and you are getting pressure from his school to the point that the director suggested you spank or punish him?

Answer tell him that the potty is for both and reward him for using the potty for both. when he doesn't, make him sit on the potty for 5 minutes, its cold, its hard, but its not a spanking. expl... Read More »

Why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?

most of the time it's because of your hormones i get that way to and you don't have to be on your period to have them either.

How to Punish a Dog?

Are you torn between how to punish your dog? Spanking is an option but believe it or not time outs work just as well. One suggestions is to spank your dog if she growls, snaps at you, or bites some... Read More »