How should you handle a baby at fourteen years old?

Answer AnswerHmm... by being there for your baby. Feed them, rock them, play with them, smile, love them, change their diapers, being gental ect. Taking care of a baby is a huge resposibility.... plus you... Read More »

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Is it normal if you are fourteen years old an four months pregnan and you get a bubbly noise in your stomach?

Can you have a baby under the age of fourteen?

Answer Yes. If the woman in menstruating, she can have a child, but is is very unhealthy because your female organs are not fully developed at the age of 14.

Should you have your baby at fourteen?

Answer Only if you are pregnant at the timeCertainly don't go out and get pregnant deliberately.

Is it a good idea to have a baby at fourteen?

NO. a 14 year old is not physically or mentally mature enough to raise and supposrt a child. It is best to wait until you are physically and emotionally secure, and are able to provide housing, pro... Read More »