How should you clean the front of my big screen tv?

Answer you can clean it with a very soft cloth (silk ect)) or you can buy a proper cleaning cloth from most supermarkets.

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How to Clean the Screen On an RCA PFR 100 Front Projection TV?

The RCA PFR 100 is a 50-inch front projection TV the company manufactured in 1981 and has since discontinued. The PFR 100 projects light through three colored lenses onto an angled screen for viewi... Read More »

How should I clean the screen of my tom tom 720 go gps?

I use those microfiber cloths on all my electronics and they work excellent.Dampen it a little bit and don't use any cleansers - just pure water.Since I use my GPS handheld out in the field a lot f... Read More »

How should I clean my laptop screen?

Hi there!When cleaning my laptop screen, I use a soft glasses cloth. You can get them at chemists or supermarkets - they're those really soft, fine cloths manufactured specifically for delicate len... Read More »

What should I use to clean my LCD TV screen?

Most televisions manufacturers like Sony and Samsung recommend users obtain a LCD cleaner from their local electronic or big box store. Popular Mechanics suggests that because commercially availabl... Read More »