How should points affect the way you shop for a mortgage?

Answer Mortgage points come in two forms: origination points and discount points. These two are completely different. Origination points are often called "the cost of doing business" and are usually non-n... Read More »

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Should I Buy Points to Lower My Mortgage Interest Rate?

401k retirement plans are investment programs, typically set up by an employer, where pre-tax dollars can be contributed by an employee. In some cases, employers match an employee's contribution e... Read More »

Should you pay mortgage points to lower your rate?

On One Hand: Lower Interest RateWhen you pay points, the interest rate on your loan is reduced. Each point typically costs 1 percent of your mortgage and reduces your interest rate by about 0.25 pe... Read More »

How do you mortgage shop?

I am a licensed mortgage banker in 46 states. Do not go to lending tree!!!! All that company does is SELL your information to brokers - repeatedly. You will get all sorts of phone calls from tha... Read More »

How to Transfer Wii Points to a Wii to Use on the Wii Shop Channel?

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