How should i reward myself for my 25 pound weight loss?

Answer Congrats on the weight loss- keep it up! Just don't reward yourself with food. ;-)Here are a few suggestions:Take a picture of yourself, and put it on your fridge to remind yourself that you made a... Read More »

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How to get rid of excessive skin after a 100 pound weight loss?

I can not believe that every other person is telling you surgery is the only option. Surgery is NOT the only option.Skin is a living organ, it is not dead tissue that will just sit their forever un... Read More »

When should my weight loss start showing?

You'd still lose weight. Because, when you use a diet pill like Phentramin-D, it will help your body metabolism to burn body fat faster. While, doing so, it keeps your body energy levels at an opti... Read More »

Should I be concerned about continued weight loss?

Go to a doc and tell about your weight loss. He may run a number of blood tests.for the thyroid it is tsh and free t4. If the thyroid levels were fine last year, it doesnt mean they are fine now! t... Read More »

When should excessive weight loss be a concern?

While it's not always linked to a problem, I'd go back to the doctor. It could be something like a thyroid problem, or a parasite, or it could be as simple as your metabolism increasing. I'd defi... Read More »