How should i pop the question(need a women's opinion)?

Answer I like your plan. Have something romantic to say. Explain to her how much she means to you, and all the little things you love about her. Explain that you can't imagine your life without her and wi... Read More »

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How big should womens feet be?

Well I am 27 and a size 5, size 6 is a small size as well. Statistically size 7 is an average size foot for a woman however think about it this way if you see a woman who is 6 feet tall with a size... Read More »

Who thinks men should wear womens clothing why or why not?

i would not wear women's clothes. i am not a cross-dresser

In your opinion should kids be rewarded for household chores or should it be part of everyday life?

Wow, a simple question, but a VERY good one, nice!!You know, I never thought about it before, but I am sooo glad that you asked this question, because I think it should be part of everyday life. I ... Read More »

Should I do it.. need opinion?

My aunt had an operation where they surgically pinned her ears to her head. She got it done as a teenager because she got picked on a lot for having her ears stick out.I can tell you that she is 4... Read More »