How should i go about adding my teacher on fb?

Answer Make a random name and find a hot looking guy who is around her age on google for the profile. If the guy is good looking she might accept. Add a few more random pictures of random guys playing spo... Read More »

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Is adding a teacher on facebook a good idea?

What Every Teacher Should Know About Effective Teaching Strategies?

Teachers need to use effective teaching strategies to get students engaged and help their students learn about the topic. Strategies and effectiveness can vary depending on the students, the age of... Read More »

My daughter says she is boned to tears by her history teacher. Should I talk to the guy about this?

What's the big deal, dude? I mean, it's not like I didn't give her an A.

I'm a Teacher - a mandated reporter of child abuse about another teacher to. Now what?

Call and report the situation. The authorities HAVE to keep your name confidential. Most states have regulations against a "teacher" hitting or humiliating a child in day care. This little boy i... Read More »