How should i gain 20~50 lbs of fat?

Answer Burgers , French fries and Chocolate , eat them late at night and sleep , you'll gain more that 50 lbs in a week

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Should I try to gain weight?

I'm 5'3, 19, and 108 lbs and I get called a "stick" by relatives and strangers. Normal range for our height is 104 to 141 pounds. So your weight is considered underweight.I would visit a doctor ~

Should I gain weight?

I would say about 10 pounds. Just to get a start to things. If you're comfortable with your weight, don't change it! Personally I can relate to this. I'm 5ft 9 and weigh 130. It's because I'm tall ... Read More »

How much should I eat this week to gain 1-2kg?

Olivia, I was like that too and I started to drink Instant Breakfast between meals, it comes in all flavors and mixed with whole milk it will add 350 extra calories per glass if you can do that you... Read More »

How much weigh should I gain in pregnancy?

suggested weight gain depends on your prepregnancy BMI. But a good rule of thumb is 5-6 lbs in your first trimester then 1 lb per week during your second and third weeks. Total weight gain should b... Read More »