How should i eat out at restaurants if i get full too quickly?

Answer There are three things that you can do. You can order off the children's menu ( lots of people do it. ) Or you can have soup and a dinner roll ( they are small ) or a salad. Then there is when you ... Read More »

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Which should i choose Full body pat down or full body scanner?

it depends if you want some pervy stranger feeling your stuff or you want your scan photos on a porn site. those are the only choices if you want fly nowdays. and it is costing the airlines big buc... Read More »

How often should one go in for Full Body Check-up Is once a year sufficient Or the frequency should be?

What should I do to gain muscle quickly?

You want to gain your weight you should eat more dairy products, fish and meat over bread. Choose more protein food like eggs, fruits and vegetables. •You should be eating at least 2,000 calories... Read More »

Why should you remove stingers carefully and quickly?

ANSWER: Because the stinger of the honeybee has barbs on it, it will stick and stay in your skin and it has a muscular contraction that continues to pump venom into your body. Remove it with a shar... Read More »