How should i dye my hair?

Answer No, do not do a light golden brown colour. You will look washed out. I don't understand how the brown on bottom and blonde on top would look good. Because of your pink undertones, you should opt fo... Read More »

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Should i get ombre hair, or blonde tips, or should i bleach the bottom under layer of my hair?

This is just my opinion:Curly/wavy hairBottom Layer: 4/10Tips: 5/10Ombre: 10/10Straight hairBottom layer: 5/10Tips: 10/10Ombre: 4/10Hope this helps!

What hair dye product/ hair service should I try if I want to dye my hair without damaging it?

Sorry but all dyes other than semi, demi.permanent colors will damage the hair. Ask your stylists to use 10 volume which is the weakest amount of dye to lift the hair to a brighter volume. Maybe th... Read More »

What colour should i die my hair (PICSS INCLUDED) Should i go lighter or darker?

You would look nice with a lighter shade of your natural hair color. Chestnut, maybe?And subtle highlights would be pretty, too. =]

Should i keep my hair like this or should i dye it back (pic)?

instead of dying it black you should go with a dark brown which will lead to a dirty blonde. it'll be pretty attractive on you and bring out your blue eyes.