How should i crush vicodin?

Answer You should take medicine as directed.

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What should you do if your boyfriend's son has a crush on you?

Answer Unless he's already an adult, it's probably pretty normal for a boy to have a crush on a significant woman in his life (such as a teacher, aunt, babysitter, stepmother, etc.) and it should p... Read More »

Should I get a tatoo of the guy I have a crush on to surprise him?

no don't !!!! but you know it's up to you this is just my opinion. but you if want to anyway.... just a get a symbol or something just in case if things don't go out between you two, at least you ... Read More »

My crush dropped me as a facebook friend. What should I do?

Don't chase him, you'll look desperate and creepy. Explain (in person) whatever "misunderstanding" you had and then go about your business. If he sees that you are carrying on with your own life ... Read More »

What kind of flowers should i buy for a girl that i have a crush on?

Despite what most people think...Yellow roses mean love and friendship.Valentines day and all that red hearts and roses stuff often confuses people into thinking red roses mean true love.A nice bou... Read More »