How should children under 20 lbs be restrained in the car?

Answer well necessarily 14 and above is a appropriate age!

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What vaccinations should be given to children under the age of 2?

In Canada the following shots are given to children. Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis, Polio, Act-HIB (haemophilus influenza B), Hepatitis B, 7 valent Pneumococcal vaccine, Meningococcal C ... Read More »

Should parents let children under 15 drink alcohol?

I respect both sides of the argument. However, if it were my child, I would hope that I raised them properly so that they would not see the need to drink socially, nor want to drink to excess.When ... Read More »

Should children under 18 be allowed to go on line without parental supervision?

I think they should be able to but the computer should be in the living room or out in the open - never in their bedroom. Many parents don't monitor their childs internet use - as evidenced by thi... Read More »

Generally, children under __________ and about 1 year of age should ride in a safety seat secured to the back?

when they are born to about 2 yrs. old or when they reach a certain wight needs to be in a rear facing safety seat. then they can be put into a front facing seat in the back until they are 5 or a c... Read More »