How should a 16-year-old guy handle becoming a father?

Answer I am 15 years old, My boyfriend is 16. I took a prenancy test just the other day because I had not gotten my peirod for 6 weeks. I showed him the test before I saw it, he knew I WAS pregnant before... Read More »

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How should you handle becoming a father at 16 and how should you tell your parents?

Answer I know that the position you are in is very hard on you. Your parents love you and yes, they may yell and scream and ask how you got into this mess, but this too shall die down and they are... Read More »

What should a pregnant 15-year-old do if her father will not allow her to have any contact with the father of her baby or his family?

Answer Let him know that you need him in this baby's life and that it is not fair for your baby to not have a dad, ask him what he would have done if your grandfather didn't let him have any conta... Read More »

Should I Put My 14 Year Old Dog to Sleep If It's Becoming Aggressive?

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Who should go into the ultrasound with a pregnant 16-year-old the girl's mom or the 17-year-old boyfriend-father?