How should I wear my hair for the first day of school?

Answer That sounds like my hair! umm, I would probably not recommend curling it as it will make your hair look really short because it's not too long anyways. I would say either straighten it and do a poo... Read More »

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How would you wear your hair for the 1st day of School ?

Cleanliness is key. The night before or the morning of school, take a shower or a bath, and make sure to wash your body and your hair. Also, remember to brush your teeth and hair in the morning. So... Read More »

How to wear my hair for school?

Hey there! well.. I guess it depends what your school rules are? I mean at my school we aren't allowed out hair down below the shoulders.. :/ If your school isn't like that! I guess you could put y... Read More »

How should i wear my hair to school?

Your lucky! I have pin-straight, very fine hair, and it's boring. All I can do with it, really, is let it down because it's so thin.But, anyway, you could put it into a tiny little side ponytail, w... Read More »

First day of school tmz..ways to wear my hair?

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