How should I treat deep face cuts / gashes that are parallel to eachother?

Answer On the face, need stitches. You can not have stitches 24 hours after the cut so you really need to go now.Apply a cold compress (a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a kitchen towel) to your face. On ... Read More »

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How to Treat Deep Cuts?

A good way to deal with deep cuts when they first happen. This works a lot for me!

How to Make Fake Deep Cuts?

A convincingly-made fake, deep cut adds authenticity to a crash-victim or zombie costume. With liquid latex and some stage blood, you can turn a few stomachs with a proper laceration. Liquid latex ... Read More »

How to Charge Deep Cell Batteries Connected in Parallel?

Deep cell batteries are more commonly referred to as deep-cycle batteries. They are usually flooded-cell lead-acid batteries, but innovative battery technology has introduced gel and absorbed glass... Read More »

How do you stop bleeding from a lot of deep glass cuts and punctures on your hand and arm ?

Get something like a belt or a cable tie, put it on and tighten it about 2 cm away from the cut nearest the top of your arm, make sure it is VERY tight. This will stop the risk of mass blood loss a... Read More »