How should I treat a dent scar after scabed peeled off?

Answer Leave it alone, seriously. I did that before, and a week or two later it healed. I didn't put anything on it, or touch it.

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How do I treat the continuous growth of a scar after wound is healed, and the scar keeps expanding.?

You are probably a keloid(hypertrophic scar) former. Try Allantoin(generic) A company markets this as Contractubex. If it doesn't help, a dermatologist can help you. I think they inject the scar wi... Read More »

How can I heal a dent scar after peeling off scab ?

Just let it heal naturally. In a few years the scar will probably be unnoticeable.

What should a scar/cut look like a few hours after cuttin?

It will look like a raw wound. For the fastest healing and antibacterial, use coconut oil. Unbelievable results.

Help i peeled my scab and left a dent mark please help?

Hi again!! Just leave it alone, it'll be fine. It may become a scar because you picked at it, but if you've got Cocoa Butter Therapy skin stuff, try that and it should fade after while. Otherwise, ... Read More »