How should I treat a burn?

Answer Thats a first degree burn or superficial which ever you prefer to call it. Put a bandaid over it and DO NOT put any ointments or creams on it. Keep it dry and covered with a clean bandage

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How should i treat this burn?

I can't imagine why you are afraid to tell your mom you burned yourself with a straightner.You can apply some burn cream and a band aid to protect the blisters from popping.It isn't a big deal. It... Read More »

I have a burn where the first layer of skin has come off but the second hasn't, how should I treat it?

Neosporin will help it heal quickly and without scarsthenMederma Scar gel when it is healed and there's a scar.

I need to burn a song onto a CD. But whenever I click the burn button, it just ejects the CD What should I do?

I would try putting all of it in one folder, then burn the folder...

How to Treat a Burn on My Cat?

Because of their curiosity, cats can get into some dangerous situations, such as running across a hot stove, getting too close to a candle flame or touching a hot iron. Outdoor cats can also get mi... Read More »