How should I take pictures with correct lighting without a light meter?

Answer Outdoors you can use the sunny 16 rule.1/ISO @ f/16 and the reciprocals of thatOvercast? give it about 2/3rds stop more exposureShade? give the exposure two stops.My guess you can replace the bat... Read More »

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How to Photograph Without a Light Meter?

Taking pictures without a light meter is really easy - you only have to remember about 5 lighting situations. That's no worse than, say, remembering how to dress for a certain type of weather. This... Read More »

Who is a person called when they take pictures with a special machine to take pictures of bones?

Weak Chin: Should I correct my jaw (Pictures)?

I think you look fine. I wouldn't want to go through all that pain of surgery. Some people get surgeries and they look worse. I think that was insensitive of your Dr. but they make money in that... Read More »

Light meter use with manual mode cameras?

The ambient setting is aslo called incident light. Many pro s prefer this setting for accurate metering.when using old lenses (and new ones even) on DSLRs the light meter i sonly a guide if it wor... Read More »