How should I prepare this unusual mushroom variety (pic included)?

Answer Oooooo dinner at your place tonight? I 'm in ..leave it raw!

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How should i do my hair if i wear this pic included?

You look so beautiful with your hair. In that black dress you could enhance your look by making it curly. That will make you even more beautiful. White Pearl necklace should look better in such dr... Read More »

Should I cut my hair like this (pics included)?

Wow you look beautiful already even without doing any changes..But if you want to change for look for some cool image..pls go ahead with the big changes..Some time we need some changes to let us ... Read More »

Should I go to doctor for this bruise *Picture included*?

What is this box like thing that I found inside my stove (pic included) included)?

its a voltage transformer probably a step down It takes high voltage and steps it down to a lower voltage example 220vac on the primary winding, (incoming) and a 24 vac to the secondary (output)