How should I handle this situation My son was beat up by a gang of boys?

Answer Talk to as many people as needed to get the results you want. The police officers have supervisors. Teachers, school administrators, and parents. Colorado’s Attorney General, now Congressman, ... Read More »

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KRHH: How do I beat this gang up by myself?

Peace. Either you can think harder or think smarter. The smart way is the way I would take and end it to try to make peace because fighting isn't going to get you anywhere. If you must, say your ap... Read More »

How many boys were in fagin's gang in oliver twist?

There was never a specific number named in the book.

Did I handle this situation right?

I think you put your nose in someone else's cart. If you smell fish sometimes its best to not keep sniffing.

How to Handle an Emergency Situation?

In many emergency situations, timing could be the key to saving someone's life. But it is extremely important to know what to do in these situations, and to do it quickly.