Should I give in to my girlfriend and install a Vista partition or should I make her learn Linux?

Answer Hey seriously I am lucky, my girl friend has her own laptop so I don't have to install another OS for her. I suggest u show her compiz fusion first, show her Linux's eye candy. I am sure that will ... Read More »

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My girlfriend wants to get a wax. Should I let her?

I don't think you have the right to "let" her. It's her body, she can do whatever she wants.

My girlfriend has a penis what should i do now?

Well, obviously trust wasn't a factor in the relationship on her end or she would have told you that she was transgendered in the first place.16x9 did a showpiece on transgenders... It's more commo... Read More »

Should I take my girlfriend to the optometrist?

if you dont want her to see other people, take her to the ophthalmologist insteadar ar ar

Should I spend my money on my Girlfriend or on a High Def TV?

Is this a real question? Any self-respecting man would know that you spend the money on an HDTV over a girlfriend.If you would have said Wife of Fiance, then you'd have to think about that one. B... Read More »