How should I deal with a lower back problem?

Answer Mr. Warren, it is so lovely to read a well-worded question on here. I had terrible sciatic nerve pain due to a slipped disk. Not the same issue as yours, surely, but terribly painful at the time.... Read More »

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Has any one has tarsal tunnel syndrome because of a lower back problem?

No I have not. I do hope your lower back problem resolves itself, as that is quite painful.

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

Lower abdominal pains and lower back cramping - signs of early pregnancy?

Very sharp pain in lower right side, under rib cage, kinda near lower right back?

Sounds like you have gallstones or a bad gallbladder and the episodes that you are describing are gallbladder attacks.I am going to list some symptoms of this disorder below. You will eventually h... Read More »