How should I deal with a chipped tooth?

Answer i did this why drinking out of a glass bottle and my brother ran into me this was about 7 years ago the dentist said because it wasn't that noticeable it should be ok. When the dentist do fix chipp... Read More »

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How to Deal with the Pain from a Chipped Tooth?

There are many different ways to handle a toothache, but what happens when the tooth is chipped and pain ensures? Use an onion!

What should I do with a chipped root canal tooth?

If you chipped it by just eating a slim jim then it means the tooth is becoming brittle from the root canal.A root canal basically kills the tooth. Probably best thing to do would be to have the de... Read More »

I just chipped a small piece of emamel off my front tooth, should I go to the dentist for that Concerns?

Depends on 'how small' is this piece... If its really small, we wont replace it. But we can smooth it, if you have a sharp place. If it doesnt bother you, just leave it. If it bothers you or become... Read More »

Which celebrity would u like to see with a chipped tooth?