How should I clean my laptop screen?

Answer Hi there!When cleaning my laptop screen, I use a soft glasses cloth. You can get them at chemists or supermarkets - they're those really soft, fine cloths manufactured specifically for delicate len... Read More »

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What can I clean my laptop screen with if I don't have a special screen cleaner?

What do I use to clean my laptop screen?

Laptops are one of the world's handiest inventions. Screens become covered with dust, dirt, splashes of drink, and other unmentionables. To clean this sensitive area, you must be careful about the ... Read More »

How do you keep a laptop's screen clean?

I was previously a PC and lap top sales associate at Circuit City. The best way to keep your lap top thoroughly clean is to go to a Best Buy, or equivelent electronics store, and buy a lap top scr... Read More »

What do you use to clean your laptop screen?

I bought a bottle of "MONSTER iClean for Computer Displays" on-line from ABT that comes when microfiber cloth and sells for $20 to $25.Something similar from Monster for Computer/LCD screens is als... Read More »