Hi guys I want to buy a 42'' HDTV with 1080P. But, which of brand should I buy That cost around $1000-$1050.?

Answer Samsung, Sharp, and Sony are the better lcd tvs. JVC and Toshiba are good price point and are reliable but picture quality is lower.Look for how many 'elements' the lamps are, what the response tim... Read More »

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Funny/cute guys on youtube?

Well there's...KickThePj - A super funny british youtuber & not to mention he's gorgeous!!(: LOOK HIM UP, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT lol sorry I just love him(: I think he's friends with danisnotonfire... Read More »

Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys?

Sometimes it's not appropriate to give a guy a romantic gift for Valentine's Day. Try giving a boss, a son or a friend a humorous or whimsical gift instead. This type of gift can bring smiles and l... Read More »

GUYS: Write something that ever girl should know about guys.?

I'm not a guy BUT:They mean what they say most of the time and hate being second guessed.

GUYS: What makes a girl look cute?

be modest, dont flash your body around.Dont put on too much make up onDont act like a *****I guess its the personality, looks yes but only if its not overdone.