How should Homeowners Board screen condo renters?

Answer This is excess work for the board. And since the board is chartered with the safety and security of the community, here's how the board can accomplish a 'screening' of renters. From any owner desir... Read More »

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How much homeowners insurance should you get on your condo?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents, in your state's condominium law, and in your master policy.Condominium associations are usually required to carry a master insurance po... Read More »

Should a condo board furnish copies of bids for a landscape company and doesn't the Board have the right to final selection?

As an owner -- one can presume that the questioner is an owner -- you may or may not automatically be entitled to see copies of bids from potential vendors. Review your governing documents to deter... Read More »

Should a board member of a condo association sign an indemnity agreement?

This answer depends totally upon your unique situation. Best practices indicate that you work with your association's attorney to decide how to proceed.

President of the board non board member blocked changed post office box and bank account from acting board voted manager of condo association what can we do?

That depends on who 'we' might be. From your question, it's unclear who's a non-board member, and who's the manager, and who is 'we'.If you are other members of the board, you can enlist the suppor... Read More »