How serious is heel spur surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Not Very SeriousHeel spur surgery used to involve total removal of the spur, which had a very long and painful recovery. Now, heel spur surgery involves simply detaching the plantar fa... Read More »

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Serious Q. ACL surgery?

My SIL has had ACL surgery on both knees. Each time she has been on crutches for 6 weeks, not been able to put weight on it for a month and couldn't bend it for at least a couple of weeks. Don't ru... Read More »

How serious is open heart surgery?

I'm 19, and i had a 5 hr open heart surgery at age 17. its pretty serious, its called open heart surgery for a reason, they aren't just cutting your chest open, but your heart also, and like ALL s... Read More »

Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?

I would say not, My father received a heart transplant at age 51 (also from a 16 yr old) and died at age 64. There are soooo many complications that come from transplants.

If you are scheduled to have knee surgery and you switch jobs and put your surgery off for several months can the new insurance company deny coverage of your surgery?