How serious are cracks in concrete exterior home walls?

Answer On One Hand: Hairline Stationary CracksHairline cracks that are not moving are not too serious and can be repaired using epoxy or polyurethane injected into the cracks. They can also be repaired by... Read More »

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How to Apply Concrete Stucco to Exterior Walls?

Stucco is a striking alternative to other exterior house treatments, such as paint. Applying stucco is a project you need to plan carefully, but with time and attention to detail, you can add life ... Read More »

How to Compare Solid Concrete Walls & Block Walls?

All concrete is made of cement, water and rock. But not all concrete is the same. The biggest difference between one type of concrete and another is in the rock, sand or crushed stone called aggreg... Read More »

Do termites cause cracks in the walls?

Because termites live well within the walls of a house, they don't make obvious cracks in the walls. The only sign shown on the face of the wall is usually a small hole, or series of small holes. B... Read More »

How to Fix Holes and Cracks in Walls?

Most walls in a home will develop a crack, or cracks, at some time, including yours and mine. For smaller ones, it’s fairly easy to repair it, a DIY job, but if there’s there’s a large area o... Read More »