How secure is my PC anything else I should add?

Answer That's a good set up. The only thing I would add is Secunia which help protect you from Security vulnerabilities. I run it once a week. That way I don't have to many programs running on my computer... Read More »

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My 1 year old has diarrhea and won't eat anything BRAT diet or anything else what should I do?

What should i do that my papaya plant grow fast can i put sugar or anything else?

Water the soil when dry to the touch - that is, when you touch the top of the soil it feels dry, but when you insert your finger to your knuckle it feels lightly moist. Then water it until the wate... Read More »

Possible to get infected with HIV/HEP or anything else, by sharp metal if someone else gets cut by it too?

I had a 1 cookie thats all I ate today should I not eat anything else today?

Do you have an eating disorder? Of course you need to eat more than one cookie in a day!