How secure is a wireless keyboard?

Answer Their range is so limited, the person trying to hack the signal would need to be in the same room as you.

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How to Extend Wireless Range of a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

Wireless mice and keyboards are important components of home computer systems. Most use a specific radio frequency to communicate with the computer and have an effective range of 30 feet (9.144 m).... Read More »

Are Wireless Networks Secure?

Unfortunately, no computer network is truly secure. It's always theoretically possible for eavesdroppers to view or "snoop" the traffic on any network, and it's often possible to add or "inject" un... Read More »

How do I secure a wireless network on NETGEAR?

Log in to Your NETGEAR RouterLaunch your Internet browser and type in the IP address for your NETGEAR router. This will be either "" or "" Enter the administra... Read More »

How secure are wireless internet cafe's?

Not unless you have file and printer sharing enabledStart > control Panel > Network Connections > (right click over your wireless connection) > Properties > De select File and printer sharing.Pass... Read More »