How secure are wireless internet cafe's?

Answer Not unless you have file and printer sharing enabledStart > control Panel > Network Connections > (right click over your wireless connection) > Properties > De select File and printer sharing.Pass... Read More »

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How do I secure my wireless internet My husband set it up without...?

It depends entirely on your wireless router.The normal addresses you need to enter to access your wireless router are : you enter these into Internet... Read More »

Internet Safety for Cyber Cafes?

Internet cafes and Wi-Fi connections have made web browsing on the go easier than ever. Unfortunately, they've made the job of hackers and identity thieves easier as well. Logging into a Wi-Fi netw... Read More »

How secure is a wireless keyboard?

Their range is so limited, the person trying to hack the signal would need to be in the same room as you.

Are Wireless Networks Secure?

Unfortunately, no computer network is truly secure. It's always theoretically possible for eavesdroppers to view or "snoop" the traffic on any network, and it's often possible to add or "inject" un... Read More »