How secure are wireless internet cafe's?

Answer Not unless you have file and printer sharing enabledStart > control Panel > Network Connections > (right click over your wireless connection) > Properties > De select File and printer sharing.Pass... Read More »

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How do I secure my wireless internet My husband set it up without...?

It depends entirely on your wireless router.The normal addresses you need to enter to access your wireless router are : you enter these into Internet... Read More »

Internet Safety for Cyber Cafes?

Internet cafes and Wi-Fi connections have made web browsing on the go easier than ever. Unfortunately, they've made the job of hackers and identity thieves easier as well. Logging into a Wi-Fi netw... Read More »

How secure is a wireless keyboard?

Their range is so limited, the person trying to hack the signal would need to be in the same room as you.

How do I secure my wireless broadband so that nobody else can use it?

look up WEP... the router should be able to be wep enabled, a passphrase and you are ready to go... now this will not prevent them from hacking into your computer, it will prevent unauthorized user... Read More »