How safe is omegle..?

Answer It is safe, unless and until you use it responsibly Remember there are some weird guys who cam records the whole conversation (aka screen recording) and post in porn sites..!!So I suggest you to ne... Read More »

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So I was on

It was just someone who was messing with you most likely. You can't get in trouble unless you tried to meet them them or something. Unless you are an actual predator, nothing will happen.

What is omegle.......?

Its both, you can either choose the chat or webcam versionHowever, most of the webcams are dominated by men masturbating so i would avoid this area of Omegle.

OMEGLE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

that's... horrid.Tell someone you trust about what happened to you. If you can, report the incident to Omegle. There might not be much they can do though.I would suggest not chatting on the site ag... Read More »

I'm addicted to omegle?

I feel ya. Omegle is fun sometimes because it allows you to talk to people with similar interests as you with no strings attached. But the only thing i can tell you is to just get off. Find another... Read More »