How safe is it, to smoke or eat marijuana or skunk?

Answer Deaths from Cannabis (Marijuana) - 0 worldwideHumourous video about the war on drugs:…

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My neighbours' marijuana smoke stinks like skunk and it's driving me nuts!?

Sounds as though you have more issues w/them than just pot.Perhaps your best bet is to leave well enough alone.Would you rather have drunks for neighbors? child abusers? spouse beaters?

Is it safe smoke marijuana while getting a wax?

Well being high isn't that bad of an idea, i've done that a few times. But, there were a few times where you get like weirded out & focus on the pain more than you normally would. & don't do it bei... Read More »

Is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?

Probably, depends on why you are doing it.Same with alcohol - it's probably safe to do it in moderation.Everything is ok in moderation.The question is - are you doing it because YOU want to?

Is it safe to smoke marijuana a day after having two wisdom teeth pulled?

AnswerIf your marijuana is prescribed, please redirect your inquiry to your doctor, who will evaluate your circumstances and make a professional recommendation.It would be to your advantage to not ... Read More »