How safe is it to drive on your donut tire?

Answer On One Hand: Good To GoDonut tires replaced full-size spare tires in the late 1970s to reduce the weight and improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles. According to an auto technician at Guinn's T... Read More »

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Jelly Donut Bavarian Creme Donut Or Glazed Donut Which do you like better?

If I plant a donut in the ground, will a donut tree grow from where I planted it?

Is it safe to move game files from C drive to D drive?

I suppose you could, it might improve performance due to more space. However what I would do is backup my saves and uninstall the game, and reinstall it on the other drive rather than moving it str... Read More »

Why Is My Front Tire Squeeking When I Drive My Car?

The cause of a squeaking noise in a front tire may not be immediately obvious, but you can narrow it down to one or two possible causes with a little detective work. Pay attention to the conditions... Read More »